Alstom provides you with leading tidal stream technologies

Bringing efficient, cost-effective and easy to maintain tidal turbines to the market.

Alstom is at the forefront in design, development and manufacture of tidal stream turbines. Having acquired Tidal Generation Ltd (TGL) in 2013, we leverage over 10 years of cumulated knowledge and experience to bring customer oriented proven, reliable and efficient technologies, with particular attention to Operation and Maintenance, to the market,

Building on the successful testing programmes of 500kW and 1MW turbines, we offer you cost-effective and easy to maintain tidal technology: the Oceade™18 – 1.4MW. Our teams are also developing an Oceade™ platform concept to maximise the use of tidal stream resources according to local conditions. 

Tidal turbine

Tidal turbine

Together with GDF SUEZ, Alstom has been chosen in December 2014 to equip the raz Blanchard tidal pilot farm (France) with four
Oceade™ 18 – 1.4MW as well as an Alstom electrical subsea hub as part of a Call for Expression of Interest (CEI) issued by the French Government. With 5.6 MW in total capacity, the tidal turbines will be able to supply power to 15,000 people.

The sea-based project is slated to begin in 2017 and is expected to operate for a period of 20 years. Installing the Oceade™ 18 - 1.4 MW turbines in a pilot farm represents a decisive step towards setting up commercial operations in tidal energy.

  • Our technology is built on over 10 years of cumulated experience and on the testing of two turbines, of respectively 500kWe and 1MWe, that have together generated over 1GWh of electricity to the grid (Nov 2014)
  • We are developing leading  and proven tidal energy and generation devices, including tidal stream turbines with a unique low-cost O&M solution
  • At our dedicated tidal energy bases in Nantes (FR) and Bristol (UK), we’re refining solutions that will be used in the first commercial tidal power plants
  • Our tidal energy division is working with our offshore wind and electrical grid teams to develop our range of capabilities
Tidal turbine


  • 1.4MW 3-bladed machine, with an 18 metres rotor diameter 
  • Yawing nacelle, based on proven technology, to face the oncoming tide and maximise energy extraction while minimising structural loads and wake effects 
  • Pitching blades to control load on the turbine and optimise use of tidal conditions locally 


  • Fully modular design for optimised industrialisation
  • Buoyant design avoiding to have recourse to high cost heavy-lift vessels
  • Patented system to winch the nacelle down to its seabed support structure allowing diver-less operation

Easy to maintain

  • Line-replaceable “plug-and-play” units or module interchange for rapid turn-around times
  • Rear door and man-hatch for enhanced maintainability
  • Buoyancy of the nacelle allowing spare turbine strategy on commercial farm to maximise availability and offering higher production time: the lower risk and most flexible O&M solution

Ocean energy

Ocean energy is a major growth area in renewable power, and we’re committed to developing it to the fullest. Alstom is the only company that offers proven products for both the tidal and offshore wind markets.

Ocean energy