What is tidal energy? We're leading providers of tidal energy

Tidal energy is a major growth area, with a potential global electricity generation estimated up to 100 gigawatts.

We’re bringing customer oriented proven, reliable and efficient technologies to the market with particular attention to Operation and Maintenance. For example, installation of our turbines doesn't require specialist installation or maintenance vessels.

We have dedicated tidal teams in Nantes (France) and Bristol (UK), where we are developing the next generation of tidal energy technology – ensuring Alstom is at the forefront of this rapidly-expanding field and complementing our current work in offshore wind.

We are positioned at the forefront in design, development and manufacture of tidal stream turbines for the capture and conversion of tidal energy to electrical power. Following our acquisition of Tidal Generation Ltd (TGL), we plan to deploy demonstration arrays ahead of full commercial production.

Tidal turbine
Tidal turbine

Why Alstom?

  • We are developing leading tidal energy and generation devices, including a leading tidal stream turbine which offers a number of advantages for cost effective electricity generation over others in the market.
  • At our dedicated Ocean Energy bases in Nantes and Bristol, we’re refining solutions that will be used in the first commercial tidal power plants.
  • Our Ocean Energy division is working with our offshore wind and electrical grid teams to develop our range of capabilities. 

The benefits of tidal energy:

  • Tidal power offers an inexhaustible supply of energy, free of greenhouse gas emissions once installed. It also has the advantage of being totally predictable, as tidal currents result from perfectly known astronomical phenomena.
  • If all suitable tidal sites in the world were exploited for tidal power, it’s estimated that 100 TWh of electricity could be produced each year.
Tidal turbine

Ocean energy

Ocean energy is a major growth area in renewable power, and we’re committed to developing it to the fullest. Alstom is the only company that offers proven products for both the tidal and offshore wind markets.

Ocean energy