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Track laying

With more than 2,000km of track built throughout the world, Alstom has managed every possible scenario in rail infrastructure construction: structures in both ballast and concrete for high-speed lines, traditional lines, metros (on tyres or on metal wheels) or tramways.

Track laying

Network performance levels, operating costs and user comfort are affected by the state of rail infrastructure. Transport authorities and track infrastructure managers must be able to depend on rail infrastructure that is reliable and safe.

A personalised approach

Alstom mobilises a team of specialised engineers for every phase of the project: the initial concept, global project performance and detailed design (detailed calculation of vibrations for instance). Engineers select the most suitable track components in light of contractual requirements and respect for the environment.

100% local

Track laying is carried out with the support of local workforce, factories and building tools.

Downloads for Tracklaying

Appitrack - Automated track laying