Product Catalogue: Urban infrastructure


Alstom designs and installs sustainable solutions for tracklaying (Appitrack), the electrification of and power supply to lines (APS and HESOP), and the supply of electromechanical equipment along the entire track, in stations and in depots.

These urban infrastructure solutions facilitate the integration of products as part of turnkey solutions.

APS - Ground-level power supply

APS is a service-proven power system for tramways which supplies electricity through a third rail at ground level and eliminates the need for catenaries, thus preserving the aesthetics of city centres and guaranteeing maximum safety.

Appitrack, the automated tracklaying solution

Infrastructure construction is often the most costly aspect of a project, and the one that creates the most hazards for workers and disturbances to local residents, especially in dense urban areas. Appitrack, an innovative, automated tracklaying system for metros and tramways, has been developed by Alstom to tackle these challenges.


CLever is a new cantilever originally developed for 25 kV railway electrification. Designed by Alstom in the centre of excellence for electrification components based in Lecco (Italy).


Alstom designs, builds, delivers, tests and commissions all types of rail electrification infrastructure (subsystems and contact systems), adapts them to its customers’ needs, and ensures maintenance.

Electromechanical equipments

Alstom offers a complete range of electrical and mechanical solutions, covering design, supply, installation, entry into service and centralised control. 

HAS – Anti-vibration track solution

HAS is an advanced sleepered track solution designed to significantly attenuate vibration in metro environments. 

Hesop, reversible power-supply substation

Hesop is a reversible power-supply substation with a single converter with dynamic regulation. Designed to deliver better energy efficiency for urban and suburban public rail transport networks (600V/750VDC), Hesop optimises the power required for traction and captures more than 99% of recoverable energy during braking mode which can be re-injected into the electricity network. 

SRS - Ground-based static charging system

SRS is an innovative ground-based static charging system for trams & electric buses with on-board energy storage. SRS is based on over 10 years of service-proven catenary-free feeding solutions with APS, and allows charging during normal dwell time or at terminus.

Track laying

With more than 2,000km of track built throughout the world, Alstom has managed every possible scenario in rail infrastructure construction: structures in both ballast and concrete for high-speed lines, traditional lines, metros (on tyres or on metal wheels) or tramways.