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Dispen dampers

Dampers are essential to master train dynamic behaviour both for the safety and comfort of passengers. For more than 30 years, Alstom has provided customised railway dampers for bogies and carbodies suitable for all kind of trains.

A specific design for best-in-class performance

Alstom offers a full range of linear, friction and bi-mode dampers to control train dynamic behaviour and preserve the bogie and train structure.

Thanks to a specific internal design, the oil flow within Dispen dampers is very accurate. It enables the damping force to be better controlled and thus, to preserve mechanical structures connected to dampers by up to 20%.

For friction dampers, used in anti-yaw applications and between carbodies on a train, this specific design ensures an improved damping force reactivity at low speed with a significant positive impact on the train’s dynamic behaviour.

The bi-mode damper, our latest innovation, adapts damping force in curves thanks to an ON/OFF mode, allowing to reduce track and wheel/wear while enhancing passengers’ safety and comfort. 100% mechanical, the bi-mode is a plug & play damper offering high reliability.

Dispen dampers comply with the strictest technical specifications and the requested force/speed. They ensure effective damping of all types of vibrations, whatever the amplitude and frequency. 

Low lifecycle costs

Dispen dampers guarantee operators a life duration of up to 2.5 M km for linear dampers and up to 4 M km for friction and bi-mode dampers.

Thanks to the design-for-maintainability of Dispen dampers and Alstom’s experience in maintenance, operators can launch fleet maintenance at the right time and could save up to 50% in costs, compared to a new build acquisition. They can indeed implement the maintenance of the dampers by themselves, just by requesting us the necessary kits (Main parts) to be replaced. This approach significantly optimises costs of ownership and is also key for sustainable development.

Tailored to customer requirements

Customisation on request is possible in order to take into account standards, environment or specific customer requirements.

The high technology value in the Dispen friction damper allows the damper to work in any position (Positive or negative angle) without priming. There are no integration issues for the customer, who can manage the damper integration much more easily. 

Flexible production

New-build production, with a capacity of more than 100,000 dampers/year, is managed between Alstom’s Le Creusot site in France and a joint venture in China (both IRIS and EN15085 certified) for optimum reactivity.
The production is organised in flexible workshops for new-build and maintenance activity.
The process of manufacturing by hand has been retained for some internal damper parts, enabling customers to order small batches and benefit from short times to market at a competitive price.

All-round support 

With the support of six worldwide maintenance partners and a dedicated production line constantly in operation in France, Alstom can ensure a customer maintenance service in a very short time by completely managing damper maintenance or through supporting our customers to manage the maintenance themselves by providing kits and training support.

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