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Traction transformers

With a 50-year history and more than 5,000 liquid filled on-board transformers and inductors produced, Alstom has developed a solid track-record in designing tailor made transformer equipment for high-speed trains, regional trains and locomotives.

A large range of solutions

Alstom supplies all types of liquid filled on-board transformers and inductors according to customer specific needs, requirements and constraints.
Alstom transformers are currently used on a variety of freight and passenger locomotives, tram-trains, regional trains, high-speed and very high-speed trains. 

Designed & validated for customer applications

With power ratings of up to 10MVA, a high level of quality and reliability associated with lightweight and low noise, tansformers can be supplied:

  • for all types of traction supply: 25kVac 50Hz, 15kV 16 2/3Hz including multi-voltage applications
  • for railway applications (IEC 60310): traction transformers and inductors for onboard trains
  • to meet extreme temperature and climatic variations: -40°C, + 50°C, 100% humidity, saline environments…

 Alstom can provide the right solution for your application.


Alstom applies eco-design principles to its state-of-the-art technology solutions, such as designing for low noise, high efficiency and low lifecycle costs. Alstom products are highly recyclable to limit environmental impact.

Innovation and experience

Extensive research and development programmes combined with Alstom’s years of experience, simulation tools and product validation procedures provide our customers with the latest proven technology solutions validated to meet their applications.

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