Product Catalogue: Urban systems


Faced with increasing project complexity, operators increasingly seek global responses to their needs.

Alstom brings together all its transverse know-how as a rail manufacturer to manage urban rail systems in their entirety: trains, signalling, infrastructure, services.

Thanks to this, Alstom is no. 1 in turnkey tramway systems

Attractis, integrated tramway system

Attractis is a turnkey solution that has all the benefits of a full tramway system with optimised costs and lead times. It provides a long-term, comfortable and safe answer to cities growing mobility needs.


Axonis is a metro system able to carry between 10,000 and 45,000 pphpd which is easy to insert into a city, quick to build and driverless – all of which leads to optimised investment, operation and maintenance costs. The system is designed to run on an elevated viaduct, in tunnels or at street level.

Optimet solutions

Alstom develops a high-end, innovative turnkey system, covering rolling stock, stations, operations, automatic & telecommunication systems, passenger services. Thanks to Optimet solutions, the city has a more sophisticated transport offer attuned to its rhythms and with the best travel conditions for passengers.

Urban integrated solutions

From trains to signalling, through to infrastructure and services, Alstom has been offering full integrated solutions to its customers for 25 years.