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ITCS, the Incremental Train Control System

ITCS is an advanced radio-based train control solution for freight and passenger rail systems. Acting as a vital overlay to an existing signaling system or creating at stand-alone vital virtual signaling system, ITCS wirelessly communicates train movement authority as though the territory were operating under centralised traffic control.

Proven advanced technology

ITCS meets the requirements of a Positive Train Control (PTC) System as specified in the US Legislation’s 2008 Railway Safety Improvement Act. Several variants of ITCS have been Type Approved by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) for use as a PTC System. ITCS has also been certified by the FRA to operate in Michigan and Illinois at speeds up to 110mph which is enabled by its wireless advanced crossing activation feature. ITCS offers proven performance in daily revenue service since 2001 having been deployed on commuter, freight, mining and mixed traffic lines both in the US and internationally in China, Australia and Colombia.

Increased performance

With shortened blocks though the use of its virtual signalling technology, ITCS can effectively double the line capacity compared to traditional control methods while at the same time reducing the quantity of trackside equipment.

Reduced life cycle costs

The cost to install ITCS in new or dark territory can be significantly lower than installing full wayside signalling. Life cycle costs are also lower with reduced maintenance expenses and greater system flexibility compared to conventional wayside signalling.

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