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RailEdge control centre

Alstom’s RailEdge control centre monitors all aspect of the transport system to support operation management. This solution is designed to address the needs of the most demanding urban, freight and mining customers.

Modular and scalable solution

RailEdge performs a wide range of functions such as train control, SCADA, and passenger information. Thanks to its modular architecture, RailEdge can add other functions for specific safety, operational, or maintenance needs such as track authorities and asset management.

Streamlined traffic management

RailEdge improves the procedure of the traffic management for a better availability of trains. It integrates network wide scheduling and planning tools for optimised operations.

Increased capacity

RailEdge detects potential traffic conflicts as soon as they arise and offers operators resolution options, minimising delays. Thanks to its state of the art technology, RailEdge enables a reduction of operating costs.