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Smartway trackside signalling products

Smartway is an outstanding range of conventional trackside signalling products including track circuits, switch machines and signals at the entrance to each track section.

Trackside signalling

An indispensable element of overall rail system and passenger safety, trackside signalling equipment must be adapted and reliable for faultless network coordination.

Track circuits

These detect the presence of a train, track section by track section, to guarantee safe traffic. Alstom provides conventional speed codes track circuits with «insulating joints» or audio frequency with “electric joints” at the separations between sections for urban, main lines and very high-speed lines.

Switch machines

These activate a point to direct the train onto a particular track. Alstom proposes electric internal lock point machines for conventional mainlines and urban lines, electric in tie point machines and hydraulic point machines for mainlines and very high speed lines.

Signals at the entrance to each track section

These ensure a sufficiently safe distance between trains. Today, LED light signals replace bulbs to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Alstom proposes a complete range of signals: indicator signals (which provide secondary information such as the train speed or point position), dwarf signals in stations and crossing signals.

Smartway, a complete multi-purpose range

Smartway products can be installed on urban, freight, high density traffic mainlines or high-speed lines, as well as in stations, on scarcely used tracks, at level crossings or in evacuation zones.

Reliable solutions

Standardised and designed for low total cost of ownership, Smartway products have a very high MTBF (mean time between failures), remote diagnostic and almost no preventive maintenance.