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Citadis Dualis tram-train

With the tram-train, Alstom proposes an alternative means of transport, allowing seamless daily journeys between the city centre and outlying suburban zones.

The best of both worlds

Citadis Dualis tram-trains, capable of running on urban networks as well as on regional rail networks, provide an answer to the needs of cities to develop public transport between the city centre and outlying areas without having to change trains.

By linking up the tramway network of the city centre with the peri-urban rail network, Citadis Dualis combines the advantages of a train with those of a tram-train.

Guaranteed flexibility

Citadis Dualis has all the flexibility and lightness of a Citadis tram. Once on the rail network, it becomes a regional train, transporting passengers at speeds of nearly 100km/h.

A totally modular range

Thanks to its total modularity - 2 car body widths, several sources of electrical and diesel energy, doors and windows that come in customisable numbers and positions. Citadis Dualis offers a large choice in terms of interior and exterior design.

Increased passenger comfort

Citadis Dualis is accessible to all, in particular people with reduced mobility, thanks to a fully low floor and apparatus to bridge the gap between the train and the platform*. It is also equipped with a unique onboard surveillance and passenger information system.

*Retractable steps linking the train to the platform

The benefits

  • No change of trains for passengers when travelling from the city centre to the suburbs  
  • Total modularity for all types of requirements (motorisation, length, number of doors, interior fittings, etc)
  • A variety of traction equipment (dual-voltage 25kV / 750V or 1500V / 750V)
  • Passenger safety with shock resistance in compliance with EN 15227 C-III standards
  • Perfect accessibility through a fully low floor
  • Proven compact bogies with two levels of suspension (Ixège)