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Citadis tramways

Citadis tramways are suited to all urban environments, meeting the different expectations of passengers and cities, whether the requirement is for a new tramway network or the modernisation of existing networks.

With or without catenaries

The Citadis can be equipped with several electric power systems. Alstom proposes APS*, its proven catenary-free solution and its new full onboard autonomy management system, Citadis Ecopack (with latest generation batteries and supercapacitors).

* APS - ground power supply, by the addition of a third rail, makes it possible to do away with overhead lines thereby preserving the city’s architectural heritage

Proven expertise

Alstom holds a strategic position in the tramway market with around 15 years of return on experience, more than 46 customers, over 1,800 Citadis trams sold and 1,500 tramways in revenue service throughout the world.

Tramways built around environmental and social concerns

  • Tramsets are up to 98% recyclable
  • A number of energy saving solutions and options are available in the form of permanent magnet motors, supercapacitors, Hesop reversible substations, etc.
  • Visual pollution can be reduced thanks to the options for a personalised design and through APS technology
  • Noise  and energy consumption levels have been reduced to a minimum
  • Spacious interior circulation, low floors throughout and adapted information systems make the Citadis more accessible

Citadis X05