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Coradia Continental regional train

With Coradia Continental, Alstom offers a modern, low-floor, high-performance electric multiple unit (EMU) which meets today’s demands of suburban and regional transport.

Coradia Continental, developed for European markets

Developed for the German market as well as other markets in Europe, the Coradia Continental conforms to the EN standards as well as to the current TSIs*. It is available with entrance heights of 610 or 800 mm.

*Technical Specifications for interoperability

Always tailored to customer requirements

The high-performance Coradia range of regional rolling stock encompasses a broad scope so that regional rail operators of every size, public or private, can specify the solution that works best for their market and commercial strategy.

Coradia Continental is available as three to five-car trains to offer optimised capacity to the operational requirements.

Enhancing passenger comfort and accessibility

Like the Coradia Nordic, the Coradia Continental owes its roomy interiors to the fact that the traction equipment is roof-mounted.

This configuration also permits Coradia Continental to be supplied as full low-floor vehicles for easy passenger access. Many services, such as vending machines, screens and DVD drives, can be proposed onboard.

Reliable and cost-effective

While the individual cars and interiors are tailored to specific requirements, the components and parts used throughout the range are standard and service-proven, keeping costs and maintenance in hand.

In addition, the roof-mounted traction equipment makes maintenance operations easier.


Coradia Continental is an environmentally friendly train using a regenerative braking system and providing a high recyclability rate   

During design and manufacturing, environment-friendly processes and products are applied. Details can be found in a corresponding environmental declaration according to EWG 1836/93.

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