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Coradia Liner V200 main line train

Designed to renew the pleasure of main line travel, Coradia Liner V200 offers a supreme level of passenger comfort for long distance intercity travel, providing high accessibility and operating performance, while respecting the environment.

Unprecedent comfort for main line and intercity travels

The Coradia Liner V200 train concentrates more than 30 years of proven high-speed rail technology. It responds primarily to the imperative of unprecedented passenger comfort, integrating major innovations in design, ergonomics and onboard comfort. Taking advantage of the most recent advances in technology, Coradia Liner V200 enables bespoke operation and control of total costs of ownership.

The first European intercity train

Whether it’s for connecting TET French intercity lines (Trains de l’Equilibre du Territoire) or European main lines, regional trains should offer much more than speed and mass transport. That is why the passenger experience of the long distance traveller has been placed at the heart of the Coradia Liner V200’s design and layouts.

The passenger at the core of the design

Coradia Liner V200 is an ambitious train, designed for the optimum passenger experience. It provides a new experience of travel, renewing the pleasure of main line and long-distance rail journeys.
Special attention is paid to visual comfort, with indirect interior lighting and large windows that enhance passengers' feelings of comfort and safety. Careful attention has also been paid to the habitability and visual continuity of the platform.

Ergonomic and sensory comfort are provided by new reclining seats with fully equipped arm rests, electric socket, coat hanger, reading light, magazine holder and foot rest. From the preparation to the final details, the materials have been selected and designed with the utmost attention to ensure maximum comfort.

Acoustic comfort was also a core concern during the design of the train. Passengers can enjoy their journey without any perceptible vibration thanks to the train’s articulated architecture and technologies used.

Climate comfort is essential for a pleasant journey. Air conditioning control is linked to the CO2 level in the train and is adjusted according to the number of passengers, thus saving energy.

Passenger information is clearly available on LCD screens and notices as well as announcements, enabling real-time travel information to be communicated. The working conditions of the ticket inspectors are also improved by a dedicated, converted area.

Coradia Liner V200 perfectly meets today’s requirements for passenger services. Thanks to the modular interior design, operators can offer on-board services adapted to passenger needs: play areas can be installed as well as relaxation areas, the bar and restaurant area is fitted out with the utmost care and in-seat service can also be offered. Everything is planned to ensure the best experience for passengers, from boarding to destination arrival.

Fluidity of movement and accessibility for all

Coradia Liner V200 ensures easy boarding and fluid circulation throughout the train for all passengers. Wide doors combined with low floors and automatic gap-fillers allow all passengers to board the train easily, whether they have young children, are carrying luggage or in a wheelchair. The train thus respects the most recent European STI accessibility regulations.

Variable configurations for all operating scenarii

Coradia Liner V200 exists in different configurations with 6, 8, 9 or 10 cars. For example, it can accommodate up to 1,000 passengers in 2 combined units of 10 cars and run at 200 km/h.

Coradia Liner V200 has distributed traction that uses permanent magnet motor technology for optimising acceleration and braking. It comes in electric or hybrid (thermal/electrical) and dual voltage versions (1,500V or 25 kV). The train’s front end has been designed to create a unique identity and improved performance.

The Coradia Liner V200 is 100% customisable according to the needs of the operator: configurations, classes, doors, interior design and on-board services.

A legacy of high technology at the service of economical operation of intercity trains

Coradia Liner V200 benefits from the most recent technical solutions developed for the Coradia range of trains, combining 30 years’ experience and a policy of continuous improvement, to offer the operator technical solutions which are both innovative and proven.

Compact, light and powerful, the synchronous permanent magnet motors are able to recover energy generated during braking, returning it to the power supply network. At the same time, the mass of the train (and thus, its energy consumption) has been significantly reduced.

These innovations lead to a significant decrease in energy consumption, with the consequent economic and environmental benefits. 
The Coradia Liner V200’s distributed traction and permanent magnet motors give the train excellent acceleration and braking capacity, leading to improved journey times between stations.

Coradia Liner V200 is designed from the outset with a focus on total cost of ownership. The layout of the roof-mounted equipment enables obstacle-free access in the workshop, making it simpler and faster for maintenance personnel to get to and thus reducing maintenance costs.
Thanks to TrainTracer, the train permanently communicates its functional status and location to the maintenance teams, allowing them to anticipate operations and have all the latest diagnostic information available to better programme interventions – always with the aim of optimising maintenance.