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Coradia Lint regional train

Coradia Lint is a modern, powerful and proven low-floor diesel multiple unit. It operates on non-electrified lines and meets today’s market realities in regional rail, offering operators the balance they need between uniformity and diversity.

With over 900 trains sold, Coradia Lint is Alstom’s best-selling regional train.

Coradia Lint, adapting to regional realities

First developed for German markets, Coradia Lint offers all the operating and maintenance advantages of a standard product, while allowing operators to customise cars to meet their varied needs: trainset configuration, entrance height (630 or 810 mm), motorisation (power packs 335 kW or 390 kW), interior design. It’s totally down to the operator.

Embracing market diversity

The Coradia Lint comes in configurations of 1, 2, and 3 cars. Up to four trainsets can be operated in a multiple unit.


Coradia Lint trains are designed to provide an optimised arrangement with easy passenger access and maximised low-floor sections as well as maintenability and modularity of the powerpacks.

Eco-friendliness and security

The train conforms to the European environmental standards, fullfils the current gas emission standard (stage IIIb) and meets the most recent crashworthiness standards. It has reduced fuel consumption thanks to the lightweight construction of the train.

A service-proven concept 

More than 900 Coradia Lint vehicles in different configurations have been purchased by 14 different operators. DB Regio has ordered more than 280 trains.

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Coradia Lint