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Coradia Nordic regional train

Coradia Nordic conforms to northern Europe’s gauge standard and is built to withstand rigorous Scandinavian winters, operating at -35°C and garaged at -40°C.

It can be configured with 4, 5 or 6 cars and operates at a maximum speed of 180 km/h. The train is available with entrance heights of 610 or 760 mm.

Reliable and always tailored to the needs of operators

All Coradia Nordic trains share the same modular design, giving operators the flexibility to configure trains to meet their strategies and requirements, while benefiting from proven and reliable components.

Passenger comfort

The Coradia Nordic regional train is designed to meet all passenger requirements in terms of comfort and accessibility. With roof-mounted traction equipment, there is more room for comfortable seating and passenger amenities.

Its lower floors and absence of steps facilitate access for passengers, especially those with reduced mobility.


Coradia Nordic is an environmentally friendly train using a regenerative braking system and providing a high recyclability rate   

During design and manufacturing, environment-friendly processes and products are applied. Details can be found in a corresponding environmental declaration according to EWG 1836/93.

Presentation of Coradia regional trains

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