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Coradia Polyvalent regional train

Variability, reliability, passenger comfort and respect for the environment are the major benefits of Coradia Polyvalent.

Putting passengers first

Whether it’s for connecting high population density zones or opening up rural areas, regional trains should offer much more than speed and mass transport. That is why the passenger has been placed at the heart of the Coradia Polyvalent design.

Variable geometry

Coradia Polyvalent is available in electric or dual-mode (diesel and electric) version with three possible traction voltages: 25 kV 50 Hz, 1,500 V DC and for cross-border versions, 15 kV 16,7 Hz. Its maximum speed is 160 km/h.

There are three different train architectures available:  three, four or six cars with seating capacity 162 to 366 seats. Train length is 56, 72 or 110 m. Multiple unit operation with a maximum of three trains to extend the capacity is feasible.

Customised trains

Coradia Polyvalent's flexible architecture allows operators to choose its interior layout and change it later as needed: seat arrangements, zones that can be adapted depending on season and region (racks for bicycles, skis etc.), work areas or leisure areas for families (screens, DVD players etc.).

Depending on uses and requirements, the Coradia Polyvalent range is available in three different configurations: suburban, regional and intercity.

Comfort on board

The flat floor throughout the train makes access and circulation on board Coradia Polyvalent much easier. Lighting is optimum, visibility is total and moving around the train is very fluid. There is easy access to the train because the entrance height is 600 mm at all entrances.

Innovation at the service of information

Passengers can benefit from innovative video and audio systems providing real-time traffic updates, weather and local tourist attractions.

Safety and availability

Coradia Polyvalent has a full catalogue of monitoring systems, including cameras inside the cars, decision-support software for drivers and control centres.

Built with tried and tested components based on well-understood, reliable technology, Coradia Polyvalent has redundant equipment (including traction, auxiliary equipment and air conditioning) to guarantee train reliability and availability.

A legacy of high technology

Building on the experience provided by the AGV, Coradia Polyvalent is equipped with permanent magnet motors which are lighter than conventional ones. The use of modern material gives further benefits such as weight reduction and recyclability.

Sustainable performance

Compact, light and powerful, the synchronous permanent magnet motors are able to recover the energy generated during braking, returning it to the power supply network. At the same time, the mass of the train (and thus its energy consumption) has been significantly reduced.

Optimised maintenance

Coradia Polyvalent is designed with a focus on total cost of ownership. The layout of the roof-mounted equipment is part of this approach. The main equipment (diesel-electric powerpack, traction equipment, air conditioning) is simpler and faster to get to. Thanks to TrainTracer, the train permanently communicates its functional status and its location to the maintenance personnel.

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