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Euroduplex very high-speed train

Euroduplex is the world’s only double-deck very high-speed train (320 km/h) that is totally interoperable, meaning that it is capable of operating seamlessly across several European rail networks.

Today, in France, it can carry up to 1,268 passengers.

Capacity, comfort and reduced operating costs

Thanks to its articulated design and concentrated power system, Euroduplex benefits from reduced acquisition and operating costs while offering numerous other advantages:  comfort, reduced maintenance, safety in the case of a derailment and lower weight, aerodynamic drag and energy consumption. Eco-designed, Euroduplex also achieves a recyclability rate of 90%


Operating on the French, German, Swiss and Luxembourg rail networks and soon in Morocco too, Euroduplex trainsets feature signalling equipment compatible with each network and are fitted with traction systems adapted to the different voltages used in these countries (e.g. tri-voltage power cars compliant with European standards). It seamlessly operates across borders.

Connected to the rail information system

Ground-to-train data-link systems open up new communication possibilities, such as information on transport connections at destination, updated seating plans post-departure or alerts to maintenance teams in case of a malfunction.

Passenger information at the heart of the journey

In terms of comfort, an emphasis has been placed on information systems for passengers. Euroduplex is equipped with external and onboard screens displaying the destination, stations served and information about the journey (passenger announcements, time, global positioning system and train speed).

Unrivalled return on experience

Alstom designed the world’s first double-deck very high-speed train in the early 1990s. Euroduplex draws on a unique body of experience acquired from supplying more than 250 trainsets worldwide over the last 15 years (with more than 180 in operation).

Based on the success, quality and reliability of previous generations of the Duplex, Euroduplex builds on a unique body of experience to reduce acquisition and operating costs.

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