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Pendolino high-speed train

Pendolino, the high-speed train of the Avelia range, ensures excellent flexibility, fluid cross-border operations and superior passenger comfort.

It is available in several different versions, with or without tilting systems.

An alternative concept in high-speed

Thanks to the Tiltronix anticipatory tilting technology, Pendolino can travel more rapidly through curves on conventional lines (35% faster than a classic train) and up to 250 km/h on high-speed lines, while guaranteeing an excellent level of passenger comfort inside the train, even on very winding stretches.

The most competitive solution on the high-speed market, Pendolino thus allows any country, whatever its topography, to have access to high-speed rail without investing in dedicated new infrastructure.

A flexible train, tailored to customer needs

Pendolino is available in several different versions, with or without tilting systems.

For UIC track (1,435 mm), it comes with a bodyshell width of 2,830 mm, is fully compliant with Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSI) and able to run at temperatures ranging from -25°C to +45°C.

For wide track ( 1,520 mm) it comes with a bodyshell width of 3,200 mm, specially winterised for operation in temperatures as low as -40°C with ice and snow. The internal configuration can also be adapted, as can the number of cars, the voltage and the type of suspension.

Interoperable across borders

Pendolino integrates the ETCS* system, complying with the latest ERTMS** standards and is operable under 4 different voltages, allowing it to run on different networks. Pendolino is certified  in 14 countries and performs 7 cross-border journeys daily.

* European Train Control System
** European Railway Traffic Management System  


Onboard passenger information and entertainment systems can include WiFi for access to onboard intranet or internet services. Touch screen displays also offer passengers access to interactive services.

Carefully designed onboard comfort

The interior amenities of Pendolino can be tailored to the requirements of the operator in terms of comfort: different passenger classes, individual reading lights, spacious and reclining seats, panoramic windows, living space for passengers with reduced mobility, toilets, lift, train manager’s office, bar/restaurant, etc.

Controlled life-cycle cost

To reduce its life cycle cost and increase efficiency, Pendolino was designed taking into account maintenance requirements. It is equipped with standard sub-systems for improved accessibility and easier replacement.

A high-speed train that is both service-proven…

A fourth generation train, Pendolino offers the assurance of a well-proven and popular product with all the advantages of the latest technology. Over 500 trains equipped with Pendolino technology have been sold to date, operating in 14 countries and crossing 7 borders.

… and eco-friendly

Pendolino contributes to Alstom’s policy of sustainable development: it is 95% recyclable and is equipped with an electric braking system enabling a 10% reduction in energy consumption. Also worth noting is the reduction of noise pollution in conformity with the latest European regulations. 

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