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Locomotive Prima II

For more than 15 years, Prima has been a solution which can be adapted to the requirements of both freight and passenger transport. Truly modular, the second generation of the Prima electric locomotive meets the strictest demands and facilitates line operations.

Moving mountains 

Alstom has developed Prima locomotives for freight (maximum speed of 120/140 km/h) and passenger transport (maximum speed 200 km/h). The Prima II platform guarantees both unequalled performance and a wide choice of configurations.

A true cross-border locomotive

Conforming to interoperability technical specifications, Prima II easily crosses borders and can travel over all European corridors.

It is compatible with four different electricity voltages (25 kV, 15 kV, 3 000 V et 1 500 V) and can adapt to prevailing safety standards in the countries where it operates.


With its independent Onix traction chain on each axle, the Prima II can tow up to more than 5,800 tonnes in single unit at its continuous rating  and guarantee 75% of the locomotive’s performance in degraded mode.

Prima locomotives are fitted with brakes that are both rheostatic and regenerative, returning energy back to the power grid via the catenary.

Guaranteed reliability

Building locomotives has been and continues to be a core business for Alstom. Prima is built with service-proven sub-systems, with more than 2,000 units sold worldwide.

Easier maintenance

Maintenance of the Prima II throughout its lifecycle is facilitated by its modular and standardised architecture that provides easier access to key parts and by the TrainTracer preventive maintenance module. The Prima II therefore guarantees one of the best availability rates on the market, at the optimum cost.


The driver’s cab, offering optimum working conditions (generous living space, ergonomic control panel, etc), is protected by an anti-crash module designed to guarantee optimum protection for the driver.

Prima II, guaranteeing true flexibility

Thanks to its modular design, the configuration of the locomotive can be changed at any point of its lifecycle (transforming a freight locomotive into a passenger locomotive by replacing the bogies, changing the interoperability system, adding comfort options for the driver: air conditioning, toilets, bed, refrigerator…).  

Prima II