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Prima shunting and works locomotive

The Prima H3 and Prima H4 locomotives are designed for classical shunting services in rail yards, harbours or at industrial sites. They can as well be used for hinterland traffic or medium mainline services thanks to their high speeds, strong traction effort and high autonomy.

Flexible and efficient platform

The Prima H3 and the Prima H4 locomotives platform meet the latest requirements of operators and offer state-of-the-art technologies to reduce energy consumption.

Adapted to the needs of every customer

The Prima shunting locomotives are available in several versions: hybrid (Prima H3 & Prima H4), battery (Prima H3), single engine (Prima H3), double engine (Prima H3 & Prima H4), bi-mode (Prima H4) or bi-mode battery (Prima H4) to meet the operational needs of each customer.

A wide range of operations

Prima H3 can be used for a wide variety of shunting operations as well as mainline service thanks to its extremely high tractive efforts (up to 240 kN, leading for a 3-axle locomotive) and minimum curve radius of 60 metres.

Prima H4 is adapted for shunting and track works services, and for limited mainline freight services. It combines high traction efforts (up to 300 kN) and optimised life cycle cost.

Environmentally friendly locomotives

Prima H3 uses 50-60% less fuel than conventional shunting locomotives, reducing polluting emissions such as particles, CO and NOx by up to 70%.

Prima H4 Double Engine can reduce the diesel fuel consumption by up to 15% compared to single engine diesel locomotives. The Prima H4 Bi-mode versions can operate emission-free.

A complete service offer

The Prima H3 and Prima H4 locomotives are equipped with Alstom’s TrainTracer solution allowing operators to track or obtain long-distance access to train data. Alstom also offers an extensive range of services, such as the supply of parts and maintenance.