Product Catalogue: Main line trains


The X’Trapolis suburban range and Coradia regional range offer capacity, flexibility and customisation.

Pendolino, Euroduplex and AGV ensure high speed journeys while guaranteeing comfort, security and respect for the environment.

In answer to the need for interoperability, a major issue for freight, Alstom Transport proposes Prima, a range of freight and passenger locomotives

Coradia Continental

With Coradia Continental, Alstom offers a modern, low-floor, high-performance electric multiple unit (EMU) which meets today’s demands of suburban and regional transport.

Coradia Meridian

Coradia Meridian was developed for the needs of the Italian market, specifically for Trenitalia and regional operators who were seeking a modern, highly flexible and reliable train to meet their rising needs in regional rail transport. 

Coradia Lint

Coradia Lint is a modern, powerful and proven low-floor diesel multiple unit. It operates on non-electrified lines and meets today’s market realities in regional rail, offering operators the balance they need between uniformity and diversity. 

Coradia Nordic

Coradia Nordic conforms to northern Europe’s gauge standard and is built to withstand rigorous Scandinavian winters, operating at -35°C and garaged at -40°C. It can be configured with 4, 5 or 6 cars and operates at a maximum speed of 180 km/h. The train is available with entrance heights of 610 or 760 mm.

Coradia polyvalent

Variability, reliability, passenger comfort and respect for the environment are the major benefits of Coradia Polyvalent.