Product Catalogue: Main line signalling


The growing needs of infrastructure managers and train operators in cross-border mobility call for the best possible interoperability between rail networks.

Alstom responds to this major issue with Atlas, its solution for network management and signalling.

Atlas, ERTMS signalling solution

Alstom, which played a major role in defining the ERTMS and ETCS standards, offers Atlas, a dedicated system fully compliant with these standards to meet customer operational needs.

ITCS, the Incremental Train Control System

ITCS is an advanced radio-based train control solution for freight and passenger rail systems. 


Alstom’s Iconis control centre monitors and controls all aspects of the transport system (train monitoring and control, infrastructure monitoring, infotainment, security, etc.). There are urban, main line and freight versions of Iconis.


Over the last decade, on-board passenger information systems have evolved from standalone simple audio and visual displays to multimodal integrated systems that keep passengers informed, safe and entertained throughout their journeys on public transport systems. 

Mastria, multimodal solution

Mastria was designed to answer transport authorities’ need to operate several transport modes in a centralised and coordinated manner. It is an innovative multimodal system, which aims to streamline urban transport management by improving capacity and fluidity.

RailEdge control centre

Alstom’s RailEdge control centre monitors all aspect of the transport system to support operation management.


Drawing on its know-how of all activities of the rail sector, Alstom proposes an advanced security and surveillance system that is modular, easy to integrate and operates around the clock, guaranteeing passenger security.

Smartlock Interlocking

Interfacing with the ATC (automated train control) system and conventional track equipment (Smartway), Smartlock interlocking guarantees safety for traffic on all types of network.

Smartway trackside signalling products

Smartway is an outstanding range of conventional trackside signalling products including track circuits, switch machines and signals at the entrance to each track section.