Alstom an ambition for 2020 

Alstom are in a constantly growing global market with infinite potential and we will truly be the world reference for rail transport also in the future. Internally, this movement will bring about important changes in our culture and our ways of working. 

We have very strong values, Team, Trust & Action and very strict ethical rules. We cannot be efficient if we do not work as a team. We do not deserve to have customers if we are not worthy of their trust. 

To implement our strategy, we must also reflect the diversity, nationality and culture of our customers and the passengers who use our trains. Diverse nationalities, cultures and mindsets make for a stronger workforce and a diverse internal culture is fundamental for fostering efficiency.  

Our HR policy is founded on key concepts that include equal opportunity, respect for diversity, dialogue, as well as health and safety. Equal opportunity begins with equal pay for equal work among the women and men employed by Alstom. Alstom also works actively to bring the disabled into the workforce, complying with applicable legislation in the countries where it does business.