Our policy

Alstom provides a wide range of innovative and environment-friendly solutions to meet mobility needs through a socially responsible business model and support the transition to sustainable transport systems.

Our commitment to sustainable development is to anticipate the environmental and social challenges of mobility and actively manage the risks and opportunities they entail. In this way Alstom will play its part in ensuring the long-term sustainability of growth, both for our company and for the planet. This is why sustainability is at the heart of Alstom’s strategy.

Our Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy is deployed along four main axes, translated into targets, measured against indicators and monitored by our Sustainability team.

By integrating sustainability in our products and processes, our business decisions are made considering their short- and long-term impact on people and resources.

We strive to:

  • act as a stakeholder-oriented organization;
  • develop solutions for sustainable mobility;
  • manage our operations in a responsible way;
  • build a culture of diversity and integrity.

Sustainability is not just a means of minimising the impact of what we do on an over-burdened planet. It also generates competitive advantage allowing Alstom to demonstrate its progress as leading rail sector innovator.