Innovation and Technology

Innovation is one of the defining qualities of Alstom. It’s what makes us world leaders in our markets and it’s what makes our people consistently achieve great things. We seek to reward Alstom employees who demonstrate exceptional creativity and problem-solving ability with our annual Innovation Awards. In addition to recognising the efforts of our employees, the awards are intended to stimulate creativity throughout Alstom.

Innovating for energy efficiency

An example of Alstom innovation is the Alstom Pure Torque™ concept, which improves the efficiency of wind turbines by extending the life of the motor. This is just a small part of our innovative sustainability technology, which also includes the pioneering carbon capture and storage programme and our clean mobility solutions including the low-energy consumption AGV very-high speed train

While Alstom is continually developing sustainable technologies for the wind, hydro, geothermal, solar and biomass power generation markets, our engineers are also hard at work creating the dynamically responsive Smart Grids these sustainable power sources will need to transmit their electricity worldwide

Developing responsible transport technology

Our long-standing and proven technical experience in rail transport has enabled us to create rail products for our customers that are safer, lighter and more efficient. For example, our innovative catenary-free tramway systems help to preserve the appearance of historic districts in towns and cities. 

Wallpaper* Award: The AGV.italo, operated by NTV in Italy since April 2012, has been given a prestigious Design Award 2013 by the well-known British design magazine Wallpaper* as “life-enhancer of the year”, in recognition of an improved passenger experience – comfort, communications and onboard catering.

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