Sustainability and the Environment

With leading positions in the power generation, electrical grid and rail transport infrastructure markets, putting the environment at the heart of our activities is imperative. We’re continually developing cleaner, more energy efficient solutions for a sustainable future, such as our carbon capture technology. Learn more about carbon capture on our Video Insights website.

Combating Climate Change

Alstom is proud to be associated with this year’s UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (COP19) that will take place in Warsaw from 11th – 22nd November 2013.   We hope that negotiations can make meaningful progress towards a new global climate change agreement in 2015, committing all countries to emissions reductions from 2020.   

To drive action, we believe an agreement should embody:

  • Realistic ambition in target-setting
  • An inclusive approach, recognising that governments alone will not deliver the necessary mitigation and adaptation actions required to all Parties
  • A pragmatic and action-oriented approach that recognises “bottom-up” as well as “top-down” action, starting now – not waiting for 2015
  • A stable, predictable, simple and transparent framework that enables low carbon trade and investment, based on mechanisms that work with the market, create opportunities for trade and growth and deliver cost-effectively     

An international agreement is an opportunity to create a global framework to support the development of national and regional market mechanisms.  This can provide the foundation for directing investment towards low carbon projects that deploy today’s technologies and that help to develop and demonstrate tomorrow’s. 

Carbon pricing encourages cost-effective abatement and the diffusion of low-carbon technologies.  Carbon trading schemes offer the fastest route to scaling up carbon pricing on a global scale and already there have been promising moves to develop schemes and link existing ones.  But there is still a long way to go and a pressing need to create more demand in carbon markets. 

Businesses will provide the vast majority of the financial and human resources needed to deliver climate change solutions. These will not be mobilised without political commitment and supportive policy frameworks.  Business needs to be fully involved in helping define and develop the policy tools and instruments that will most effectively combine public and private contributions to investment and leverage the huge amounts of private investment needed. 

Our commitment to making sustainable energy a reality is expressed in our ‘Clean Power, Clear Solutions’ power generation offering. It is organized around 3 levers, to maximise the return of assets over their entire lifecycle: reducing the cost of electricity, lowering environmental footprint and increasing the flexibility and reliability of assets.

Our strategy has delivered concrete results: an in-depth analysis of data from 2002-2011 reveals that Alstom's environmental measures, on both new plants and retrofits of existing power facilities, have saved a total of 207 million tonnes of CO2.

Combating climate change will mean integrating renewable and conventional energy sources into the "clean grid" energy highways that connect regions and countries, share the power resources effectively and react to demand and production dynamically.  

Creating clean mobility solutions

Part of our environmental philosophy is sustainable mobility: for 20 years we have placed environmental preservation at the heart of our development strategy. In doing so, we’re creating cleaner, more efficient transport systems for the whole rail market. With our unparalleled expertise in designing and manufacturing rail solutions, we are able to develop and offer information systems, infrastructure services and efficient rolling stock that are eco-designed to minimise waste throughout their lifetimes.

We’re also committed to minimising the impact of development on environments, including historical urban areas. For these markets, we build custom-designed rail systems that work in harmony with their surroundings, helping to preserve each area’s unique heritage.

Safeguarding the environments in which we work

The Alstom Foundation champions humanitarian initiatives that are important to employees. Each year, we choose a number of projects from a selection submitted by Alstom people, covering ethical economic development of local communities, environmental education and awareness, social support and nature preservation.

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