Alstom in South Africa


A century of development

Alstom has been present in South Africa for more than a century. Throughout these years, Alstom has provided technology for a wide range of products and technologies playing a major part in developing the country’s infrastructure.

As a long standing partner of Eskom, Alstom has supplied major components to 12 of South Africa’s 13 coal fired power plants, which accounts for 80% of the installed capacity.

Alstom also played a historic role in providing train technology to the country, and plans to be part of the revitalisation of the rail and transport sector.

A new era of infrastructure

As South Africa embarks on a new era of infrastructural growth, across Power and Transport sectors, Alstom will remain at the forefront of the country’s economic, environmental and social progress.

To find out more about how Alstom is contributing to the South African Government's vision of a transformed society, visit the Sustainability pages.

Discover also how Alstom is shaping the future of South-African railway transport with Gibela, as it will supply 600 passenger trains (3600 coaches) to be delivered over a period of 10 years. The trains will be manufactured in South Africa by and for South Africans. Learn more about the history of the project.

Key data about Alstom in South Africa

  • Over 100 years of presence in South Africa
  • About 600 permanent employees
  • Alstom provided major equipment to 12 out of 13 coal fired power plants, and the only nuclear power plant
  • 80% of South Africa's electricity is generated from Alstom turbines
  • More than 800 South African artisans and professionals (including engineers) are being trained by Alstom
  • Alstom is a historical technology provider for passenger trains and locomotives to South Africa