President's Message


Welcome to Alstom in South Africa

Alstom has a long and sustainable history in South Africa. From its original set-up in Cape Town at the beginning of the twentieth century to its current headquarters for the Southern African region today in Johannesburg, Alstom roots itself with a history of technological excellence and commitment to local economic and social progress.

The development of the company and its associated principals over the past years closely resembles the infrastructural growth of the country as a whole.

Today, Alstom in South Africa is an active and valuable participant in South Africa’s endeavors in creating employment, chiefly through its role in the construction of new power generation facilities, as well as the enlargement of the local energy supply capacity.

Localization is a business imperative and a key driver of our global strategy. In support of local industrial growth, we procure approximately 50% of the equipment required for our current power projects from South African suppliers. Additionally, we strive to develop long-term relationships with local companies, supporting them with training in our design, standards and specifications.

For Alstom, investment in skills development is an investment in South Africa’s future. By 2015, Alstom will have trained over 800 South Africans artisans, engineers and managers in most of the energy related disciplines. Alstom is present in over 75 countries throughout the world, with a long-term view of local development and we will continue leveraging our global expertise in the advancement of economic growth and job creation as well as the enrichment of our local supply chain - enabling us to deliver projects safely and efficiently.

We are proud to be a part of South Africa’s sustainable and independent energy future as well as the development of new rail transportation.

Jerome Boyet, Alstom Country President for South Africa – July 2014