The future starts now

People, sustainability and the environment are at the heart of Alstom's business. We have pledged our commitment to limiting the impact our activities have on resources, promoting sustainable development and improving the lives of those who come into direct contact with our business. 

Everywhere Alstom is located, we work with local communities and collaborate with local partners on sustainable development projects focused on tomorrow’s technologies, training, job creation and environmental preservation.

Our corporate and social responsibilities are guided by an understanding that the decisions we make today, will define tomorrow.

Skills for Growth

Alstom recognises also that a shortage of skills is a key constraint to South Africa's growth and engages in extensive training among employees as well as suppliers, enabling them to acquire new skills in a range of technologies.

But skills development is certainly not confined to its own employees and supply chain; Alstom also addresses the broader need for skills in line with South Africa's national initiatives for economic advancement.

Alstom is funding training programmes that contribute to building capacity in the workforce – a vital requirement to sustain and support the expansion of the power generation industry.

As a result of these projects Alstom aims to train more than 650 artisans and 176 professionals, including engineers.

Alstom currently employs over 650 people in South Africa. In addition, in support of local industrial growth, at least 50% of the equipment required for the projects underway, including Medupi and Kusile, is being procured locally.

This is in line with Alstom's international strategy to maximise localisation and stimulate local economic development wherever it does business.