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Transport is more than simply a matter of carrying passengers and freight. Providing a transport system requires a comprehensive approach that begins with careful attention to the customer's needs and culminates in the delivery of efficient, harmonious services.

Each step along the way is taken with a view to ensuring seamless, sustainable solutions: our overall expertise and customer-listening approach allow us to design solutions that are both well proven and customised; they are then implemented in line with strict quality-control procedures while ensuring complete transparency for the customer.

This approach, which guides everything we do, can be summarised in one word: fluidity.

In the past, Alstom supplied passenger trains and freight locomotives to South Africa, most of which are still in operation in the country today.

The business supports the deployment of mass public transportation solutions in South Africa, offering retrofit solutions for existing fleets to replace obsolete components with new technology, as well as solutions to reduce maintenance costs and minimise the environmental impact.

Alstom’s offering to South Africa is to be a sustainable, affordable and long term partner. The company’s commitment to skills development, technology transfer and local job creation, is what has driven Alstom’s success in many other developing countries. To discover more,visit the home of Alstom Transport 

Designing Fluidity

Video Designing Fluidity

Transport is more than simply a matter of carrying passengers and freight 

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X'Trapolis Mega

X'Trapolis trains

PRASA will be supplied with X’Trapolis Mega, the new X’Trapolis train developed by Alstom to fit the 1.067 metre gauge in South Africa. 

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