Alstom has been listed on the Paris stock exchange since 1998 and therefore applies corporate governance rules. Alstom provides transparency when conducting business and applies corporate governance guidelines.

Corporate governance code of reference

For many years, the Group has committed itself to carrying out the corporate governance principles published by the AFEP and the MEDEF.

The corporate governance code to which the Group abides is the AFEP-MEDEF corporate governance code (attached in the left column)

Effective internal control

A robust and broad internal control system encompasses all Group functions and activities. By enabling quicker, more reliable and more competitive operations, a sound internal control system built on a self-assessed questionnaire provides reasonable assurance that Alstom processes are compliant with laws and regulations at all times. Internal control questionnaire ensures that information and data including financial information are reliable and operations are completed in an optimal manner. Around 1,500 Alstom personnel, including operational and unit management, are involved in the internal control self-assessment exercise.