Strasbourg: A resized network

Commercial service : september 2005

Number of train sets : 41

Strasbourg is not only the official capital of Europe, it is also its hub. The city’s geographical location makes Alsace’s main city a major centre of exchanges and transport, particularly between France and Germany.

In order to facilitate these exchanges, the city played a pioneering role in the field of urban transport planning by building a modern tramway which has been in service since the 1990s. The network now includes 5 lines and is still growing. From 2008 it will extend to several neighbouring boroughs to become the “leading interconnected network in France” with over 54 km of tracks and 70 stations. In 2010 the network will become international by extending into Germany.

ALSTOM is a key player in this development, having sold 41 CITADIS trams in 2003 to the Strasbourg transport company