The challenge  

The quality of a rail network’s electrification system has a direct influence on its reliability and safety, as well as on its performance. For an infrastructure manager, entrusting all aspects of an electrification system to a single provider avoids incompatibilities between interfaces and makes it possible to offer an optimum level of quality. 

The Alstom solution 

With its worldwide experience and expertise in the two sectors of Transport and Energy, Alstom designs, builds, delivers and tests all types of rail electrification infrastructure, adapting it to its customers’ needs and ensuring maintenance. Alstom has installed nearly 10,000km of overhead wires throughout the world and taken part in hundreds of electric power projects, including both turnkey contracts and the delivery of separate sub-systems. 

Cross-disciplinary and innovative know-how serving electrification projects

  • Alstom provides the transportation and distribution of power by overhead wires, whatever the voltage (direct or alternating current from 750 V to 2x25kV) or train speeds (from 70km/h to 360km/h), or by the intermediary of a third rail (APS) for urban networks,
  •  Alstom has developed a reversible sub-station, HESOP, which recovers train braking energy while optimising energy balance.

Reliability guaranteed through conducting electrical and mechanical simulations 

  • To achieve the optimum design of all power system components, Alstom engineers conduct dynamic simulations for the overhead wire/pantograph interface,
  • Traffic simulation studies are also conducted to optimise the positioning and size of the traction sub-station equipment and of trackside equipment.