Electromechanical Equipments

The challenge 

Service quality is one of the most important concerns of passengers when asked to assess rail transportation. This is determined by several parameters: availability, regularity, comfort, and above all on-board and in-station security . An entire range of mechanical and electronic sub-systems contribute to meeting these passenger expectations.

The Alstom solution 

Alstom proposes a wide choice of electrical and mechanical solutions for stations and tunnels, and provides ergonomics, design, supply, installation, entry into service and centralised control for this electromechanical equipment.

A wide range of products to meet different passenger needs

Alstom designs, delivers, integrates and tests:

  • Passenger information and telecommunication systems for stations,
  • Automated ticket purchasing terminals,
  • Access to escalators and lifts for handicapped people, and automated sliding doors on platforms,
  • Environmental equipment, such as ventilation, air conditioning, and conventional and emergency lighting systems. 

Electromechanical equipment that helps guarantee first-rate transport operations at all levels

  • Alstom’s cross-disciplinary experience gives it the necessary know-how to produce and install all equipment relating to transport operations: signalling equipment—to facilitate train traffic and provide traffic regulation—building depots and ground-based power supplies for tramway cars (APS
  • Alstom also supplies all types of safety equipment: water pumping and drainage, smoke evacuation systems, fire detection, and radio telecommunication systems in tunnels and stations for use in the event of an emergency.