Infrastructure maintenance

The challenge  

For an infrastructure manager, delegating all the maintenance on his network means that he is able to focus on his core business: offering better services to travellers. It also means trusting experts to find the right compromise between too frequent, and therefore inappropriate, maintenance operations and a maximum level of availability for the network.

The Alstom solution 

Alstom maintenance of rail equipment and infrastructure systems guarantees the network’s continuous availability and performance, for an optimum operating cost throughout the network’s lifecycle. Alstom’s offer includes renovations (updating technology) and short or long-term maintenance contracts for all fixed installations on the rail network.

Alstom’s maintenance know-how covers the entire rail system

Alstom’s maintenance operations cover all types of installations and rail equipment:

  • workshop equipment (tour de roue, jack, washing machine, etc.),
  • track,
  • electric traction sub-stations,
  • overhead wiring,
  • 3rd rail or APS (ground-based power system),
  • signalling and telecommunication systems,
  • station passenger equipment (screens, CCTV, Audio, etc…),
  • etc.

These maintenance operations are carried out in specialist workshops. Alstom has refined know-how in building these depots.

Programmes dedicated to each project, based on proven methods

Alstom experts prepare specific maintenance programmes for each project based on proven methods:

  • The «all inclusive» maintenance programmes provide regular preventive maintenance (revisions or maintenance) and permit the rapid implementation of corrective measures (repairing damage) when required,
  • Other programmes include simply replacing spare parts, on both Alstom products and those of other builders,

A computerised management service (partsfolio) enables the customer to rapidly and easily enter into contact with the various maintenance providers via a single entrance point.