Loclife Services: freight locomotives supply, support and maintenance

Rail freight operators and hirers face new challenges

Since the recent liberalization of Europe’s rail freight industry, many new players have entered the field and competition has intensified on national and international routes.

To succeed in this context, operators and hirers need to focus on the essentials – their core business – and entrust their rolling stock supply and maintenance to a partner that can add value.

Loclife Services: a packaged rail freight traction solution

By integrating rolling stock, maintenance and support, the Loclife freight traction service allows operators and hirers to concentrate on providing superior freight services by ensuring the ongoingquality, reliability and availability of their traction power. Wherever they are, operators are freed from their fleet maintenance constraints.

LocLife Services addresses the long term by maximizing the life cycle of the fleet.

This all-inclusive package, guaranteed through performance-based contracts, includes:

  • Prima II new-generation locomotives, service-ready for international routes
  • Support and maintenance services for your fleet of locomotives
  • TrainTracer: our added-value remote diagnostics solution 
  • On-site mobile teams