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Tramways, very high-speed trains, freight locomotives… for more than 20 years, we have maintained all types of trains (built by Alstom or not) in our customers’ own depots or in our own maintenance centres.

Alstom currently maintains 8371 cars, operating daily on 4 million kilometres of track.Whatever the requirements and the equipment, Alstom provides a customised service based on three fundamental principles: competent and available local teams, innovative maintenance tools and worldwide experience of rail technology.

Alstom is at the forefront of the evolution of rail services and proposes, for example, the predictive maintenance solution, Traintracer*, to monitor train conditions in real-time and optimise maintenance operations. 650 trains are connected to Traintracer, with a decrease in train immobilisation time (up to 30%) and repetitive faults (up to 50%).

* Traintracer is an Alstom trademark

Train maintenance contracts from support agreement to full maintenance

Alstom offers a comprehensive and tailored offer to provide a customised answer to all requirements:

  • Support agreement or technical support and spare supply agreement operators perform maintenance tasks themselves
  • Core maintenance service: Alstom manages and operates preventive and corrective maintenance including supply of parts
  • Full maintenance service: Alstom manages and operates all maintenance services as for a turnkey project:  technical tasks, train cleaning, preparation for service, depot maintenance
  • Accident repair services that cover both accidents and acts of vandalism, from diagnosis to repair
  • Entity in charge of maintenance with full transfer of train maintenance responsibilities to Alstom in accordance with EU Regulation 445/2011

Infrastructure maintenance: the guarantee of an optimum level of availability

Alstom maintenance services cover all types of infrastructure or rail equipment:

  • Depot equipment: machinery provisioning and maintenance
  • Infrastructure: track, electric traction sub-stations, overhead wiring, third rail or APS (ground-based power system), electromechanical works
  • Signalling: telecommunication systems (passenger information systems, CCTV), ticketing

Video - Customer speaks

Stewart Mills, Director of Operations for Tube Lines, speaks about Alstom maintenance services for the Northern Line

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