Iconis integrated control centre

Improved network surveillance

The Challenge 

As the operation of rail networks are required to be more efficient to optimise the use of assets, operators need a system that is able to provide a full integrated monitoring and control system for all operational (train movement control, incident management, resource allocation) and functional (static in-station or on-board functions) elements of the network. This system must be easily customisable to rapidly take into account the operator’s organisation and operation procedures.

The Alstom solution 

Alstom’s Iconis control centre monitors and controls all aspects of the network. It simultaneously orchestrates operational functions and traffic management through Iconis ATS for urban automated train supervision, Iconis CTC for main lines and Iconis SCADA for infrastructure monitoring, in interaction with interlocking and automated train control (ATC) sub-systems.

Iconis, an efficient management tool to facilitate transport operations

  • The Iconis control system guarantees train adherence to schedules, route automatic setting, resource usage in a conflict free way,
  • Particularly ergonomic and flexible, the Iconis human interface enables network operators to have a global view of the state of their network traffic and to interact with the system directly at his level,
  • All teams are informed in real-time of the network’s use and related traffic via the «Time-Distance» graphics and «Conflict Detection» functions, and can make decision with quick reaction of time, according to the solutions proposed by the Iconis tool
  • Iconis can be tuned to the network size and complexity. It can adopt different forms: a simple autonomous post for an independent station, or several hundred interconnected workstations supported by numerous redundant servers to manage an entire network.

Iconis, orchestrating a wide range of operational functions

Iconis also monitors and controls:

  • electric traction substations, tunnel ventilation and lighting, and station equipment supervision (SCADA),
  • on-board and in-station passenger information (PIS),
  • security related sub-systems (anti-intrusion sensors, access control, cameras, fire detection),

It also includes a maintenance supervision system (MSS) to provide a status and diagnosis of the whole integrated system.