A coherent and modular safety range

The challenge 

One of the imperatives for transport authorities is to assuring passenger security during journeys. Protecting passengers and their belongings against any possible threat requires a surveillance system that uses the very latest technology to reduce intervention times to a minimum and react to emergency situations as efficiently as possible.  

The Alstom range  

With a technical know-how that permits precise risk evaluation of all activities of the rail sector, Alstom Transport proposes an advanced security and surveillance system that is modular, easy to integrate and to operate around the clock, and which ensures all functions guaranteeing passenger security.

A security system that can be integrated within a larger system

  • The system is run by an integrated security centre, itself part of the wider architecture of the information and rail communication system. It covers all rail environments: stations, track, tunnels, signalling equipment, trains, depots and control centres,
  • The integration of all this information makes it possible to instantaneously connect the network’s global surveillance (through a CCTV* system, access control, intrusion detection and smoke and fire detectors), via an Ethernet network, to an adequate response (passenger information, public announcements, emergency calls, interventions). 

Modular solutions continuously updated

  • The Alstom offer extends from standalone security components to full integration at the control centre with Assisted Incident Management capabilities.
  • Alstom proposes a modular security solution that can be tailored to any train or station, control centre or depot (new build and/or renovation). 

 *Closed circuit television