Corporate Social Responsibility

Alstom can trace its history in the UK back to the invention of Stephenson’s Rocket, the lightbulb, and the first jet engine. Half of the power generation in the UK and a third of rail passenger journeys are taken on our trains. Our products and projects have lifecycles of 30 – 40 years. And we are investing in the new infrastructure technologies that will provide energy and mobility to Britain for decades to come.

In this way, Alstom continues to shape the future of the British rail and energy infrastructure – and therefore the company’s long-term view is part of its identity. Economic, social and environmental sustainability are paramount.

Our corporate social responsibility programmes focus on several key areas.

Alstom training facility

Engineering Education

Dedicated to developing the skills of our employees 

Environment leaves

Environment Sustainability

Carrying our activities in a sustainable manner is of prime importance

Safety at Alstom


The safety and wellbeing of Alstom employees and visitors is one of our highest priorities

Health and Wellbeing at Alstom

Health and Wellbeing

We aim to nurture a healthy workforce that will enable Alstom to be a leading competitor 

Alstom in the community

Alstom in the Community

Supporting local communities

Sourcing globbe

A Sustainable Supply Chain

Working with suppliers for a sustainable future