Welcome to Alstom UK

Alstom has an impressive history in the UK and we have been involved in some of this country's -
Terence Watson and Europe's - most significant energy and transport infrastructure developments.

Our reference projects include the construction of Europe’s most energy efficient and clean power stations, the engineering, design and maintenance of some of the Europe’s busiest train and metro fleets, as well as the major upgrading of the UK's largest regional electricity transmission network.

The knowledge and expertise of our 92,600 people in 100 countries, including the UK, plays a major role in our success where investment in our people is very important to us both as a company as well as to me personally. We provide world-class education and training facilities for our own employees and industry partners. Additionally we invest in longer-term skills development through partnerships with education providers and skills development agencies as well as our own well-established intern, apprentice and graduate programmes.

Alstom and its people are proud to have a role in shaping the future of energy and rail transport in the UK.

Terence Watson
Alstom UK Country President and Managing Director of Transport for Alstom in the UK & Ireland