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Right around the world, demand for power is increasing.

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At Alstom's facilities in Stafford, we’ve developed a global centre of excellence that designs, engineers and delivers HVDC systems all over the world. And we’re the only HVDC company in the UK that boasts R&D, test facilities, laboratories, design and manufacturing capabilities.

So if you’re an experienced, driven, talented engineer or support professional, joining Alstom is a chance to change the world’s future, as well as your own.

We’re looking for people to join us now. Whatever your industry background, browse our featured jobs or search our careers pages (just enter 'Stafford' in the keywords section to view all our Power Electronic Systems roles).

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  • Phil Devine

    Phil Devine Controls Development & Engineering Manager. Phil gained a degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, from Staffordshire University in June 1992 and spent the next 8 years with Alstom as a Senior Design Engineer. After spending a brief period as a Senior Field Application Engineer at Gothic Crellon and an FPGA Design Engineer at TRW he rejoined Alstom in February 2002. As Controls Development & Engineering Manager, he is responsible for a group of well over 100 engineers who deliver all aspects of HVDC  control systems. This includes tendering, design, test and commissioning of hardware, software and firmware, maintenance programs, training and O+M manuals. He is also responsible for the introduction of new technology and processes.

    Colin Davidson

    Chief Technical Officer HVDC Research at Alstom in Stafford. Joined in 1989 as a physics graduate. Colin is now a Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the IET and globally recognised as a leading engineer in the industry.

    Carl Barker

    Chief Engineer - HVDC Grids. UK Chartered Engineer, member of IET and CIGRE, senior member of IEEE. Specialises in building large DC grid infrastructure across the globe. Now globally recognised as a leading engineer in the industry.

    Scott MacDonald

    Senior Systems Verification Engineer. Scott re-joined Alstom in 2012, from Siemens T&D. He is focused on developing his expertise in dynamic control of electrical power transmission systems, through the employment of HVDC technologies.

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    Dr Kevin Dyke

    System Concepts Manager – HVDC at Alstom.  Dr Kevin Dyke, a Chartered Engineer with the IET, joined Alstom in 2013 and leads the technical research for power electronics for HVDC

    Dr Colin Oates

    Dr Colin Oates - Senior Specialist – HVDC.  Fellow of the IET with 35 years’ experience in power electronics research.  Joined ALSTOM in 1981.  Have previously been Group Head of Power Electronics at the ALSTOM Research and Technology Centre (ART), am presently researching novel VSC HVDC converter topologies.

    Dr Barry Sturman-Mole

    IP Correspondent – HVDC at Alstom Grid.  Dr Barry Sturman-Mole, a Member of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys, joined Alstom in 2012 and leads the intellectual property function for HVDC R&D