Langage Power Station

Fuel Total output Customer
Gas 900 MW Centrica
Scope of Supply Product
Turnkey Plant KA26 combined cycle power plant

Alstom built the 900 MW Langage gas-fired Power Station, in Devon, featuring two GT26 turbines.

The Power Station doesn't just provide the UK with clean, cost-effective electricity, it goes to extremes to blend in with the natural beauty of its setting in the Dartmoor National Park. With its elevation lowered by 10 metres, its chimney designed as an architectural element, and noise output reduced to 35 dB at the position of the exit, the facility recycles and reuses water and uses high-tech lighting and climate control.

The power station can go from 0 to 900 MW in less than an hour, features the largest ever-installed Integrated Cycle Solution (ICSTM) heat recovery steam generators in the UK, and has emissions levels among the lowest in the world for this type of facility - in short, it delivers savings on all fronts.