Fleet & Infrastructure Services

Improving Fleet Availability and Reliability Coast to Coast...

Alstom’s North American Train Life Services (TLS) team keep customers’ freight and passenger rail systems rolling safely, and on-time. Following a careful initial assessment, we work with customers to develop programs that address customer needs in the areas of parts supply, condition-based maintenance and fleet renovation.

Parts Supply

Alstom uses the latest ERP and automation systems to make sure you have the right part, at the right place, at the right time…and for the right cost. We provide:

  • Fully-outsourced supply chain solutions
  • Parts supply contracts
  • Support for various sourcing strategies
  • Reusable packaging to reduce waste 
  • Kitting solutions for integration of necessary materials
  • Technical support

Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM)

CBM uses proactive monitoring to measure the health of equipment which allows customers to be pro-active in preventing breakdowns. Specific benefits include:

  • Reduced inventory costs by reducing part over stocks
  • Constant monitoring of equipment to keep the right parts on-hand when customers need them
  • Prevents unplanned shut downs 
  • Reduced maintenance cost (labor + material) by streamling overhauls - $9 million dollars in customer savings
  • Failure Defense Plan - streamlined process for re-writing maintenance instructions
  • Leaner production / repair cycle by bundling major activities together

Fleet Renovation and Modernization 

Through our U.S.-based rolling stock manufacturing capability, Alstom is the country’s largest provider of fleet renovation, modernization and complete overhaul services. Examples of Alstom’s U.S. modernization projects include: