Alstom's ACSES II PTC Solution Receives Federal Railroad Administration's First Type Approval for U.S. Service

The year is 2016, and railroads across the U.S. are safer than ever thanks to the nationwide deployment of next-generation Positive Train Control (PTC) technology.

With the U.S. rail industry facing a federal mandate to deliver this safer future for rail transportation, Alstom Transport recently announced its PTC system is the first to receive PTC Type Approval for deployment by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). This achievement offers freight and passenger operators an opportunity to move forward today with proven technology while putting Alstom at the forefront of this industry-wide initiative.

ACSES II is the latest version of Alstom’s Advanced Civil Speed Enforcement System and the only available fully functional PTC solution with FRA Type Approval (49CFR236 subpart I) in revenue service. Through the integration of Automatic Train Control (ATC)/Cab Signaling Systems (CSS), Speed Enforcement Systems (SES) and Radio transmitted temporary speed restrictions (220 MHz or 900 MHz), ACSES II automatically enforces speed restrictions and positive train stops.

ACSES II has been installed on hundreds of commuter and freight trains over the past 10 years, and this extensive experience has allowed Alstom to perform new improvements and innovations in the system. By obtaining FRA Type Approval, ACSES II now represents time and costs savings for Amtrak and other Railroads in implementing an ACSES II PTC solution.

ACSES II is already hard at work in the U.S. The system has been deployed for more than 10 years in the Northeast Corridor (NEC), the only incremental high-speed line in North America, where it allows Amtrak’s ACELA trains to safely travel at speeds up to 150 miles per hour while still sharing track with freight railroads.

With ACSES II, Alstom offers U.S. railroad operators a reliable PTC system with a proven safety record.

To learn more about ACSES, visit Alstom at PTC World Congress booth #006, or write to 

PHOTO: For over 10 years Amtrak has implemented Alstom's ACSES technology to ensure safe and reliable service along the busy Northeast Corridor.