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Modernisation : valuable benefits to operators and end users

MBTA Green Line car in Hornell, USA © Alstom / Scott Gable

Modernisation at a glance

  • Extends rolling stock fleet lifespan
  • Reduces maintenance costs and energy consumption
  • Enhances reliability and availability

With its long-standing experience as a system integrator, rolling stock designer and manufacturer, Alstom is a preferred partner for modernisation projects to extend the lifespan of rolling stock.

Bringing traction up to date

While train fleets generally last at least thirty years, mid-life modernisation is as much a need as an efficient solution to:

  • dramatically improve its reliability and  availability
  • reduce operating and repair costs
  • eliminate obsolescence issues

Alstom’s trains modular design means that only obsolete parts are replaced, resulting in lower costs and downtime. We can also integrate traction equipment into non-Alstom rolling stock.

Performance enhancement

One of the main objectives of modernisation is enhanced energy efficiency, in areas where Alstom leads the way, often with contractual objectives which we fulfil and exceed. In addition to converted traction power (electric conversion or hybrid engines), Alstom can recommend and design low-energy-consuming subsystems such as intelligent climate control, LED lighting and driver advisory systems, all of which contribute to reducing consumption. Additionally, as a signalling expert, we can deploy new on-board and trackside signalling systems to contribute to higher service regularity.

Rocky Mountaineer Rail Conversion project and Alstom Services. Mare Island (San Francisco), California
Rocky Mountaineer car modernisation, Mare Island, USA © Alstom / Martin Klimek

Passenger experience

Alstom’s in-house design and styling teams, can design new rolling stock fleets, revisit train interiors, seats and passenger information systems for improved passenger comfort and also to upgrade accessibility in line with new standards. This new lease of life for your trains will result in higher passenger satisfaction at a lower cost than new rolling stock.

Local and tailored solutions

Alstom’s extensive footprint around the world enables us to remain reactive and close to our customers throughout their modernisation project. We work closely alongside them to devise the most suitable solution according to their fleet and business objectives.

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