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Alstoms Integrated Distribution Management System is operational at Stedin in the Netherlands

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Stedin, one of the largest distribution utilities in the Netherlands, has deployed Alstoms Integrated Distribution Management System (IDMS). Based on Alstoms leading e-terradistribution solution, the system is the first operational IDMS in Europe, and represents a cornerstone in Stedins ambitious smart grid roadmap to a stronger, more efficient and reliable electric grid.

Stedin provides electricity and gas to over two million private, corporate and government customers, and to one of the largest harbours in the world, Rotterdam. Focused on innovation, the Dutch utility is pursuing a full-scale deployment of smart distribution automation technologies. The newly operational IDMS provides visibility into the Stedin network, including field devices like fault indicators. Stedins field crew and dispatchers now share access to the same information in real-time for better communication. This technology improves the safety of crews and ensures a cheaper, steady and reliable power supply everywhere.

Alstoms IDMS also supports Stedins objective of 100% end-user customer satisfaction by increasing control room operational efficiency, reliability and transparency of information. If there is a storm and electricity transmission fails in an area, for example, operators can quickly pinpoint affected areas to assess impact and expected duration of outage; meanwhile, all stakeholders will be automatically informed of the situation as it unfolds. The IDMS also reduces operational complexity, which optimises costs and quickly restores service in the event of a disruption.

Alstom Grid has been a trusted partner for many years. The company shares our vision of providing a reliable, efficient, and safe grid through advanced technology, says Marko Kruithof, Manager Grid Coordination, Stedin.

Alstom has already implemented multiple IDMS solutions in North America and globally. The company has a proven mix of Smart Grid power systems and control room information technology experts to successfully support delivery of its e-terradistribution solution across the globe.

Our network management solutions intelligently interconnect disparate grid systems, including distributed energy resources such as solar panels in cities, which provide grid operators with actionable information. The information can be quickly and easily understood in the context of an entire network, benefiting progressive utilities like Stedin, said Karim El Naggar, Vice President of Alstom Grids Network Management Solutions business.


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