Atlas signalling solution

Travelling in a border-free world

The challenge   

The goal of the ETCS* / ERTMS** standard for rail interoperability is to introduce a single signalling system shared by all European Union countries. Facilitating border crossing, opening the market of rail signalling, increasing commercial speeds, reducing intervals between two trains, reducing maintenance costs and guaranteeing maximum safety: the new standard provides the answer to all these needs.

The Alstom solution 

Alstom, which played a major role in defining the ERTMS and ETCS standards, offers Atlas, a dedicated system fully compliant with these standards to meet customer operational needs. This complete solution integrates all network’s data to adapt the speed and distance between trains, even when the train crosses a border: on-board equipment (Automatic Train Control) is connected to an integrated control centre (Iconis) which constantly exchanges data with network’s trackside equipment (via Smartway track products) and interlocking systems (via Smartlock system). 

Atlas, a complete on-board and ground control solution unique on the market…

Atlas enables operators to elect which level of ERTMS they will implement according to their own operating constraints:

  • ETCS system level 1, standard beacons – Eurobalises – are placed along the track and transmit traffic management data to the train (authorised speed, points, safety distance between trains,…) enabling it to constantly compute the maximum allowable speed,
  • ERTMS system level 2, a continuous dialogue between track and train is provided by a GSM-R radio system. The train is in continuous contact with the control centre which localizes and regulates its movements. Legacy signalling trackside equipment is eliminated

…making seamless border crossing possible

  • Atlas is the first solution to have proven the daily operation of cross border traffic operating with ERTMS standards, on freight lines (European Corridors) like very high-speed lines (above 300 km/h),
  • Atlas increases operational performance and capacity reducing intervals between trains and transport times, on all lines,
  • Atlas has demonstrated that interoperability is possible between on-board and ground system supplied by other ERTMS suppliers.

* European Train Control System 

** European Rail Traffic Management System