Tramway Citadis Compact

The challenge

Light rail has long been the prerogative of major towns and cities since growth in medium-sized conurbations has been hampered by the inherent costs, the size of infrastructure and the changes to the urban landscape that such projects entail.

The Alstom solution

Alstom Transport designed Citadis Compact trams specifically with a view to meeting the needs of medium-sized towns with between 50,000 and 100,000 inhabitants. Citadis Compact keeps a tight rein on lifecycle cost to provide a solution that quickly pays for itself through a combination of effective capacity, low energy consumption and impressive lifespan.

The Compact is the first in the "New Generation Citadis" range, which builds on the success and quality of the 1,600 Citadis trams already sold worldwide over the past 15 years and more. It also takes things a step further by offering a range of technological improvements. The Pays d’Aubagne et de l’Etoile metropolitan region was the first municipality to acquire the new Citadis Compact, on 5 October 2011.

Compact, simple and state of the art

Citadis Compact trams measure 22 metres in length and combine a modular design with a range of customisation options that bring numerous benefits to ensure a seamless fit with the urban fabric of medium-sized conurbations:

  • Capacity – The Citadis Compact can comfortably accommodate 130 passengers thanks to ample aisle space (the widest in the market) and double doors;
  • Simplicity – Maintenance is made easier through systematic use of standard parts and components (doors, windows, windscreen, etc.) and greater accessibility (bogie, heating and ventilation);
  • Technology – The use of permanent-magnet motors helps reduce energy consumption.

Promoting sustainable mobility

The Citadis Compact tram embodies a blend of three key goals set out by the French environment forum (Grenelle de l'Environnement), focusing on ecology, social development and economic growth.

  • Made in France in line with eco-design practices, Citadis Compact trams also contribute to socio-economic development on a local level:
  • Opening up otherwise isolated neighbourhoods;
  • Promoting economic growth in towns and suburbs.

Video - Citadis Compact in 3D