Hazardous Substances Regulations 

Many countries in the world have put in place regulations which aim at controlling the manufacturing and the use of chemical substances with the objective to limit adverse effects on human health and environment. For instance: the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA), the China REACH, the "Toxic Substances Control Act" (TSCA), the Biocidal Product Regulation, the REACH regulation (CE N°1907/2006). 

In that context, it is essential to take into account the 3 following documents: 

  • 1 - The document SCG-FRM-010: "Commitment form to comply with regulations relative to hazardous substances”, which purpose is to certify to Alstom that some measures related to the regulation have been implemented by the supplier.
  • 2- The document ENG-FRM-001 is the supplier declaration form to identify the use of dangerous substances contained on supplied articles
  • 3 - The document ENG-STD-003 is an instruction bound for the suppliers that describes regulation obligations and Alstom requirements.